Opto Engineering

Opto Engineering provides high quality components for the machine vision world covering almost every possible need. Their optical solutions include a variety of lenses, including telecentric and 360° lenses. See a selection of their featured lenses below!

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Telecentric Lenses

TC Series

The Opto Engineering TC series bi-telecentric lenses can take advantage of high-resolution detectors such as 5 MP - 2/3″, acquiring images with exceptional accuracy and precision. Opto Engineering bi-telecentric design allows these optics to achieve pure telecentricity: no magnification change occurs when moving away or towards the subject, making TC series ideal for measurement applications of mechanical parts.

TC CORE Series

The Opto Engineering TC CORE bi-telecentric lenses for sensors up to 2/3” deliver high-end optical performances and at the same time are up to 70% smaller than other double-sided telecentric lenses on the market. TC CORE lenses can be mounted in different directions using any of the 4 sides even without clamps, allowing you to cut the system’s cost, and can be easily fitted or retrofitted even into very compact machines.


The Opto Engineering TC CORE PLUS series are large FOV telecentric lenses for area scan cameras, specifically designed for the latest generation 1/1.8” and 2/3” CMOS sensors. Their opto-mechanical design is ideal to measure large objects in a reduced space. TC CORE PLUS series are up to 45% shorter than other telecentric lenses available on the market. The working distance of TC CORE PLUS lenses has been optimized to make a measurement system as compact as possible. TC CORE PLUS lenses feature a built-in mounting flange and standard aluminum T-slot profiles for easy mounting without additional clamps, making their integration easy and cost-effective.

TCUV Series

The Opto Engineering TCUV series bi-telecentric lenses are specifically designed to ensure the highest image resolution today available in the machine vision world. The TCUV series provides extremely high resolution for cameras with very small pixels. For this reason TCUV bi-telecentric lenses are ideal for all those using high resolution cameras and seeking for the highest system accuracy.

TCSM Series

The Opto Engineering TCSM series is a unique family of bi-telecentric lenses for extremely accurate 3D measurement systems. All TCSM lenses are equipped with a high-precision Scheimpflug adjustment mechanism that fits any type of C-mount camera. Images are linearly compressed only in one direction, thus making 3D-reconstruction very easy and exceptionally accurate. The available magnifications ranges from 0.5x to 0.1x while the angle of view reaches 30°-45° to meet the measurement needs of triangulation-based techniques.

TCLWD Series

The Opto Engineering TCLWD series is a range of telecentric lenses specifically designed for electronic and semiconductor Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) and tool pre-setting machines. All these lenses feature a working distance of 135 mm while ensuring excellent optical resolution, high telecentricity and low distortion, thus exceeding the industrial requirements for the target applications.

TCCX Series

The Opto Engineering TCCX series lenses are designed for measurement and defect detection on flat surfaces. They feature the same magnifications and working distance of TCLWD series while adding integrated coaxial light. Such lighting configuration is required to illuminate uneven surfaces and detect small surface defects such as scratches or grooves, finding application in many industries, from the electronics and semiconductor industries to the glass and metal fabrication industries.

TCCXQ Series

The Opto EngineeringTCCXQ optical assemblies integrate the high optical performances of TC telecentric lenses (above) and the LTCLHP series illuminators. The combination of these products results in a system completely free from straylights and back-reflections, while marking superior optical performances even at the highest magnifications. This optical layout also minimizes the overall height of the system, while the placement of the camera port allows for easy phase and back-focal adjustments. TCCXQ assemblies can successfully employed in high accuracy measurement applications as well as Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) setups.

TCZRS Series

The Opto Engineering TCZRS lenses are designed for imaging and measurement applications requiring both the flexibility of zoom lenses and the accuracy of fixed optics. The TCZRS lenses feature an extremely precise positioning system with a bipolar stepper motor and an incremental magnetic encoder, delivering exceptional magnification repeatability. Moreover, focusing and image centering stability are guaranteed at every magnification position, thus avoiding recalibration at any given time.


The Opto EngineeringTCBENCH series complete optical systems are designed for hassle-free development of demanding measurement applications. The benches come ready for use, pre-assembled and pre-aligned to assure the best accuracy that a telecentric measurement system can deliver. The collimated light source is set in order to optimize both illumination homogeneity and relevant optical parameters such as distortion, telecentricity and resolution. Opto Engineering measures the optical performance of each TCBENCH and provides an individual test report.

TCBENCH Core Series

The Opto Engineering TCBENCH CORE series complete optical systems offer superior performances needed for highly demanding measurement applications in a super compact assembly. The benches come pre-mounted and pre-aligned, ensuring the best accuracy that a telecentric measurement system can deliver.

Each TCBENCH Core system consists of 1 TC Core Lens, 1 LTCHLP Core Illuminator, and 1 CMPTCR Base plate.


The Opto Engineering® TCKIT case includes a selection of some of the most commonly used telecentric optics in measurement applications. A kit of four C-mount 2/3” format telecentric lenses covers FOVs ranging from 9 mm to 64 mm, offering good coverage of many measurement applications. In addition, a LTCLHP036 collimated light source collimated light source (green color) is included in the box. The TCKIT case is a very helpful tool for system integrators and research centers that are frequently dealing with new machine vision applications.


The Opto Engineering TC Edge VIS Series telecentric optical systems provide a truly revolutionary approach to the inspection of flat transparent materials.

The special optical design ensures that only the light rays deflected by an object’s edge are imaged on the sensor: edges are automatically extracted without the need of software algorithms. This technique allows the detection of extremely tiny defects, particles and surface discontinuities that would be impossible to see with traditional lens systems.

TC EDGE VIS telecentric optical systems include an EDGE telecentric lens, EDGE telecentric illuminator and mounting mechanics and are supplied as fully tested and pre-aligned optical benches.

TCHM Series

The Opto Engineering TCHM Series lenses are high magnification telecentric lenses designed for detectors up to 2/3″. There are models for 110mm working distance and for 71mm working distance.


The Opto Engineering TCVLWD lens series are magnifiying telecentric lenses with very long working distance, options from 156mm to 800mm. The TCVLWD lenses come in a range of magnifications 0.5x-3x.


The Opto EngineeringTCCXHM series High magnification telecentric lenses feature built-in coaxial illumination for detectors up to 2/3”, with 71 or 110mm working distances and magnifications from 1x to 6x.


The Opto Engineering TCCXLM Series lenses are telecentric lenses with built-in coaxial illumination for detectors up to 2/3''. The TCCXLM lenses are available with 0.2x, 0.3x, or 0.4x magnification capabilties.


The Opto EngineeringTC1MHR-TC4MHR series high resolution telecentric lenses are designed for detectors up to 4/3″, making them the perfect choice for advanced metrology applications. The TC1MHR-TC4MHR series lenses feature a compact and robust design that allows for easy integration in industrial environments. Additionally, the camera phase can be easily adjusted by simply loosening the set screws positioned in the eyepiece part. The TC1MHR-TC4MHR series includes lenses ideal for 1/1.2”, 1”, 1.1”, and 4/3” sensors, with working distances ranging from 40mm to nearly 500mm, and options for C or F mounts.

TC1MHR-TC4MHR Core Series

The Opto Engineering TC1MHR CORE - TC4MHR CORE series are ultra compact telecentric lenses tailored for high-resolution sensors up to 4/3”. Thanks to the unique opto-mechanical design, these lenses offer very high resolution, nearly zero distortion and high field depth while saving up to 70% in length compared to similar FOV lenses on the market. TC1MHR CORE and TC4MHR CORE lenses can be mounted in several orientations thanks to the M6 threads located on multiple sides, even without clamps. For maximum flexibility, a special front mounting clamp is also available. The TC1MHR CORE-TC4MHR CORE series includes lenses ideal for 1/1.2”, 1”, 1.1”, and 4/3” sensors, with working distances ranging from 135mm to 335mm, and options for C, E, or F mounts.


The Opto Engineering TC3MHR-5MHR CORE PLUS series are large FOV telecentric lenses for the large sensors up to 1.1” and 4/3” sizes. They are specifically designed to accurately measure large objects in a reduced space.

Inspired by catadioptric telescopes, their folded optical path allows large FOV imaging while keeping the overall footprint compact. The length and working distance of a telecentric lens strongly impact the size of a vision system. This is especially critical when a large FOV telecentric lens is used with a telecentric illuminator, as the overall dimensions of the system are doubled. For this reason the working distance of TC3MHR-5MHR CORE PLUS series has been reduced to make a measurement system as compact as possible.

TCDP Plus Series

The Opto Engineering TCDP PLUS series dual magnification telecentric lenses are designed to support two cameras to measure objects with different magnifications. The fixed design of these lenses ensures perfect repeatability with no need to recalibrate after each magnification change. TCDP PLUS lenses are compatible with CMHO clamping mechanics and LTCLHP collimated illuminators, as well as LTRN ring illuminators designed for the standard TC series.

TCCX2M Series

The Opto EngineeringTCCX2M series telecentric lenses include built-in coaxial illumination for detectors up to 1". The TCCX2M series offers magnification from 0.3x to 4x.

TC12M Series

The Opto Engineering TC12M high resolution telecentric lenses are designed for detectors with up to 33.5mm image circle. They perfectly fit cameras with large sensors, up to APS-H sensor format. TC12M series lenses feature a compact and robust design that makes them ideal for various industrial applications.

TC16M Series

The Opto Engineering TC16M series telecentric lenses have been designed to fit 45 mm format (36 x 24 mm) detectors with very high resolution, such as 11, 16 or 29 MP. This combination is the typical choice for extremely accurate measurement of large items such as engine parts, glass or metal sheets, PCBs and electronic components, LCDs, etc. TC16M lenses are also perfectly suitable for 4kpx and 8kpx linescan cameras and can be successfully used to determine the diameter of cylindrical objects: for example shafts, turned metal parts, machine tools, etc.

TC4K Series

The Opto Engineering TC4K series telecentric lenses have been designed for measurement applications using linescan cameras with a detector size up to 28.7 mm (e.g. 4096 pixels with pixel size 7 μm). TC4K series is the Opto Engineering® solution for applications and machines with tight dimensional constrains. TC4K series feature standard F or M42 mount to fit common linescan camera interfaces; additional mounts are available upon request. Moreover, the lens-camera interface provides both fine detector phase adjustment and a precise focusing mechanism.

TC12K Series

The Opto EngineeringTC12K series telecentric lenses are designed to fit very large line detector cameras. An image circle diameter larger than 62 mm combined with very high resolution makes the TC12K series ideal for 12 k and 16 k resolution cameras. In addition to the standard M72x0.75 mount, TC12K lenses can be equipped with other camera mounts at no additional cost ensuring wide compatibility with most common linescan cameras.

360° Lenses

PC Series

The Opto Engineering PC Series pericentric lenses are unique optics designed to perform complete inspection of objects up to 60 mm in diameter, quickly and reliably. The innovative design allows one camera to see the top and lateral surfaces of an object in perfect focus all in one image. The term pericentric comes from the specific path of the light rays: the lateral surface of the object appears to be wrapped around the top face, making the PC series ideal for cylindrical objects which are very common in the beverage and pharmaceutical industry.

PCCD Series

The Opto Engineering PCCD series are catadioptric lenses developed and manufactured by Opto Engineering® to enable the 360° side view of small objects. The sides of the object are imaged through the catadioptric system, while the top surface is directly imaged onto the center of the detector.

The PCCD Series lenses are available for 1/3”, 1/2”, and 2/3” sensors.

PCHI Series

The Opto Engineering PCHI optics are designed to easily inspect holes, cavities and containers. Unlike common optics or so called “pinhole lenses” which can only image flat fields of view, hole inspection optics are specifically designed to image both the bottom of a hole and its vertical walls.

PCHI Series lenses include options for 1/3”, 1/2”, and 2/3” sensors.

PCBP Series

The Opto Engineering PCBP probes are boroscopic probes for panoramic cavity imaging and measurement from inside. The catadioptric (refracting + reflecting) optical design ensures much higher resolution than fiber-based probes and enables the complete 360° inner view of the entire cavity. Boroscopic probes are intended to be handled by a robot arm or S.C.A.R.A. in order to scan even the deepest cavities.

PCPW Series

The Opto Engineering PCPW Series are polyview optics for multiple side views in one image. PCPW optics provide eight different views of the side and top surfaces of an object. The wide view angle (45°) enables the inspection of the side features of an object (for example the threads of a screw or a nut) otherwise impossible to acquire with a single camera. In addition to these unique features, PCPW optics also ensures excellent image resolution and image brightness.

PCMP Series

The Opto Engineering PCMP series lenses are micro-polyview optics for 3D measurement and imaging of small parts. The PCMP optics are designed to completely measure and inspect objects whose dimensions range from 1 to 10 mm. Six different lateral views are provided by an array of mirrors interfaced to a bi-telecentric lens; the top of the object is directly imaged at the center of the field of view. The lateral views feature exactly the same magnification and the images remain in perfect focus even when the object is displaced from its nominal position. The PCMP series integrates LED illumination optimized for this specific assembly.


The Opto Engineering TCCAGE Series is a bi-telecentric system for multiple side imaging and measurement at 90°. TCCAGE is an integrated optomechanical system designed to fully inspect and measure parts from the side without any need of rotation. Four orthonormal views of an object are provided by a bi-telecentric lens through an array of mirrors.

Each view is exactly at 90° with respect to the neighboring views; this optical layout ensures complete coverage of the object lateral surface. Furthermore, telecentric imaging makes the system insensitive to off-centered parts and therefore suitable for measurement applications.