Opto Engineering

Opto Engineering provides high quality components for the machine vision world covering almost every possible need. Their optical solutions include specialized lighting, including LED illuminators. See a selection of their featured lighting solutions below!

LED Illuminators

Telecentric Lights

The Opto Engineering Telecentric Illuminators are specifically designed to back illuminate objects imaged by telecentric lenses. Stable illumination featuring no light flickering thanks to very high current stability over time even at low currents. This type of illumination is especially recommended for high accuracy measurement of round or cylindrical parts where diffusive back lighting would offer poor performances because of the diffuse reflections coming from the edges of objects under inspection.

Available Configurations:

LTCLHP series High-performance telecentric illuminators
LTCLHP CORE series Ultra compact telecentric illuminators
LTCLHP CORE PLUS series Space-saving telecentric illuminators for large FOV systems
LTCL4K series Flat telecentric illuminators for linescan cameras

Ring Lights

Opto Engineering Ring Lights are available in a variety of configurations to fit a wide variety of system needs. Color, diameter, and angle of the lighting can be chosen to ensure the best fit. Make sure to contact us to make sure you’re getting the best illuminator for your project.

LTLA series High-power strobed LED low angle diffused ringlights
LTLAIC series Continuous LED low angle diffused ringlights
LTLADC series Continuous LED low angle direct ringlights
LTRNST series LED ring illuminators - straight type
LTRNOB series LED ring illuminators - oblique type
LTRNOBHP series High power LED ring illuminators, oblique type
LTRNDC series Continuous LED direct ringlights


The Opto Engineering LED Backlights are designed to be employed in a wide variety of applications, and are available in a variety of configurations to fit your project’s needs. Opto Engineering backlights are a cost-effective solution with no compromise on quality: they feature a robust design and provide diffuse even illumination without hotspots.

LT2BC series High uniformity continuous LED backlights

LTBP series High-power strobed LED backlights

LTBC series Continuos LED backlight

LTBFC series Continuous flat side-emitting LED backlights

LTVPE series LED rectangular spot lights 24V

Line Lights

The Opto Engineering LED Line Lights are high power LED line illuminators designed for linescan applications. Their design ensures steady lighting and high performance. With a variety of lengths and angles available, there’s sure to be an Opto Engineering light perfectly suited to your needs.

LTLNC series: Continuous LED line lights
LTLNM series: Flicker free high power focused modular LED line lights
LTLNE series: High power enhanced LED line lights

Coaxial Lights

The Opto Engineering LED coaxial lights provide coaxial illumination ideal for inspection of scratches/dents on glossy surfaces or pattern inspection on PCB to be used in combination with telecentric lenses. Light is reflected by a 45° beam splitter so that it is projected on the same axis as the camera.

LTCXC series: Continuous LED coaxial lights

Dome Lights

The Opto Engineering LED Dome illuminators are designed to provide uniform illumination of complex surfaces. Light comes from all angles effectively eliminating glares and shadows. There are domes designed for continuous use and for strobing, with a variety of sizes available.

LTDM series: High-power strobed LED domes

LTDMC series: Continuous LED domes

Combined Lights

The Opto Engineering Combined Lights systems are specialized combinations of their other products.

LTDMLA series High power strobe dome + low angle illumination systems
This solution provides two different illumination types in a single system: the dome unit provides diffused light that can be used to homogeneously illuminate complex shapes with curved and shiny surfaces, eliminating glare and shadows. The low angle ring light unit provides darkfield lightning that can be used to cast shadows, greatly emphasizing surface irregularities, scratches and other details.

View-through system Space saving illumination system for double-side object inspection
View-through system is designed to create inline inspection solutions that illuminate and image both sides of fast-moving objects. While one camera acquires the image of one side of an object, the corresponding dome and special backlight units emit light simultaneously so that one side of the object can be inspected.

Bar Lights

The Opto Engineering LED Bar lights can be used in a wide variety of applications.. They provide rectangular illumination on the workpiece and the installation angle is set freely. Options are available for both continuous and high density uses.
LTBRDC series: Continuous LED bar lights
LTVPZ series: High density LED bar lights

Tunnel Lights

Opto Engineering LED Tunnel lights designed to provide even illumination on long cylindrical surfaces or shafts. Available in 2 heights in Red, Green, Blue, or White color configurations.

LTTNC series: Continuous LED tunnel lights

UV Lights

The Opto Engineering UV Series Lighting includes UV illuminators in bar, ring, and coaxial formations. Ultraviolet (UV) illumination with wavelengths shorter than the visible light has electromagnetic radiation in the range between 300 nm and 450 nm, which allows chemicals that has UV lighting interaction to be visible under this light.

LED Pattern Projectors

LTPR Series

The Opto Engineering LTPR series consists of different LED pattern projectors available with three power intensities and four wavelengths designed for the most demanding structured light applications including 3D profilometry, stereovision, and alignment.


The Opto Engineering LTPRSMHP3W series LED pattern projectors are designed for the most demanding 3D profiling and measurement applications. Triangulation techniques require that structured light is directed onto a sample at a considerable angle from vertical.

Lighting Kits


The Opto Engineering LTPKIT is a selection of some of the Opto Engineering high-power LED lighting solutions, including three different strobe illuminators and an ultra-bright strobe LED pattern projector. The case also includes a 6 channel strobe controller, designed to precisely control the lights and easily manage the trigger signals, in addition to a DIN rail industrial power supply.


The Opto Engineering LTKITRY-FH-OR-V1 case includes a selection of some Opto’s commonly used LED illuminators working in continous mode, including two lighting controllers for dimming, brackets and diffusers. The continuous lighting kit case is a very helpful tool for system integrators that are frequently dealing with new machine vision applications requiring different type of lights.