JAI provides digital CMOS camera technology for applications in industry, machine vision, medical imaging and outdoor imaging applications, as well as complete camera solutions for traffic imaging/vehicle recognition in Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS)

JAI has sold more than 1 million cameras worldwide in multiple applications and industries over the last 55 years.

Area Scan Cameras

Go Series

The JAI Go Series CMOS Area Scan Cameras deliver megapixel resolution, high versatility, and compact size all at a competitive price level. These cameras feature CMOS technology, low-noise pixels, global shutters, and sequencer functions for high image quality and adaptability. The Go Series cameras are designed to withstand vibration and shock, making them ideal for industrial environments. The Go Series includes polarized models.

Go-X Series

The Jai Go-X Series cameras are compact area scan cameras with industrial grade reliability. These cameras offer a variety of features, including industrial grade shock and vibration ratings (80G/10G) and effective thermal dissipation so that they can provide excellent image quality 24/7/365. The Go-X Series feature Sony Pregius CMOS sensors, available in monochrome and color models, with a range of resolutions; options range from 2.3 to 12.4 megapixels. The Go-X Cameras are additionally developed with extensive dust prevention measures with a sealed sensor compartment for dust-free optical paths.

Spark Series

The JAI Spark Series Area Scan Cameras use the latest CMOS technology to provide high resolution and high frame rates. The Spark Series cameras additionally feature advanced functions, including in-camera pattern correction, multiple Region of Interest (ROI), global shutter, and high pixel uniformity. The Spark Series includes models with high dynamic range, as well as a range of options for resolution, from models that provide 5 megapixels to models that provide 44.7 megapixels.

Apex Series

The JAI Apex Series cameras are 3-sensor R-G-B prism cameras that separate the incoming light into red, green and blue wavelengths, which are directed to three separate image sensors. The Apex Series cameras provide exceptionally high quality color imaging, ideal for demanding applications in a variety of industries. The Apex Series cameras also offer precise spatial resolution, excellent for use in edge detection.
The Apex Series includes CCD and CMOS cameras with resolutions from 0.8 to 3.2 megapixels.

Apex Medical & Life Science Solutions

The JAI Apex Medical & Life Sciences Solutions 3-CMOS area scan cameras offer advanced color imaging capabilities for a wide range of applications in the medical and life sciences markets. The multi-sensor prism technology provides truer color and better precision than traditional Bayer color cameras.

All Apex Medical models are integrated with Image-Pro® from Media Cybernetics and the µManager open source software package.

This series of cameras includes LSX models, which are strictly screened for foreign objects or debris and feature white housings that are ideal for systems intended for hospitals, or clinical/laboratory environments where white housings are often preferred.

Fusion Series

The JAI Fusion Series multispectral prism cameras provide simultaneous images of multiple wavebands through a single optical path. The cameras split incoming light into two or three separate sensors with precise pixel-to-pixel alignment regardless of motion or viewing angle.

Fusion Series cameras are ideal for life sciences or surgical applications using NIR fluorescence.

The Fusion Series includes several standard models with predefined configurations of visible and near-infrared (NIR) wavebands. If your specific needs are different, contact a sales representative.

Line Scan Cameras

Sweep Series

The JAI Sweep Series includes both monochrome and trilinear color line scan cameras with line rates that are among the fastest available for their type and resolution.

The Sweep Series cameras feature custom-designed image sensors to ensure high image quality. Among the features are vertical and horizontal binning and built-in color space conversion not available on similar trilinear cameras.

Sweep+ Series

The JAI Sweep+ Series includes 3-sensor R-G-B and 4-sensor R-G-B-NIR line scan cameras for industrial machine vision applications.

Sweep+ Series cameras are equipped with four CMOS sensors that provide multispectral capabilities by simultaneously capturing R-G-B color in the visible light spectrum plus near infrared (NIR) light.

The Sweep+ color line scan cameras are available at good price/performance points offering color line scan image with quality fit for the most demanding machine vision applications.

Wave Series

The JAI Wave Series camera is a 2-sensor prism line scan camera capable of sensing Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) light.

The Wave Series camera is capable of delivering dual-band imaging in the SWIR light spectrum (900 – 1700 nm). The Wave Series camera brings 2-sensor imaging to the SWIR light spectrum providing extra “hidden” imaging data. This capability enhances current machine vision systems with imaging beyond what is possible when imaging the visible and/or the near infrared light spectrum.