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Watec is a leading CCD camera manufacturer providing superior quality in miniature camera technology for surveillance, law enforcement, image processing, medical imaging, factory automation, astronomy and military applications.
Watec cameras are known for their excellent low light imaging technology- the with the ability to clearly identify objects of interest in Near Infrared Reflectance environments (NIR). The cameras capture share clearly identified objects in all dark environments without the use of IR illumination!

IDS 3D Ensenso Camera

Robust 3D camera options, configured and calibrated to fit your application requirements. These industrial grade cameras can detect either stationary or moving objects, can be mounted on a robotic arm, can be used even in difficult lighting conditions, and is IP 65/67 rated for rugged environments!

Videology Industrial Cameras

Designer of industrial-grade embedded video cameras, related devices and systems. Videology cameras are used in a broad spectrum of applications; bio-medial devices, life sciences, aerospace, diagnostic imaging and many more. Specializing in meeting the custom requirements of OEMs and large-scale integrators, they excel in integrating industry proven CMOS sensors, interfaces and cutting edge design.

Teledyne FLIR

Innovative sensing solutions into daily life through thermal imaging, visible-light imaging, video analytics, measurement and diagnostic, and advanced threat detection systems.

Sensor Glass Removal

When your application demands no interference from surfaces in between you and the raw silicon, we have you covered with our sensor glass removal service.

Embedded Vision Systems

Providing custom or commercially off the shelf embedded devices for your OEM applications. Need samples, click the link below.

Quality Lens Assemblies

Need help with specifying the correct lens for your application? Click below to connect with an applications engineer. We can help with that.

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