Wilco Imaging Sales Team

Maria Yrbas

Sales Manager

Andre Paige

Inside Sales

Aaron Dugan

Inside Sales

Neil Patton

Inside Sales

Our Beginning

Wilco Imaging, Inc. was first founded in 2003 serving as a distributor of imaging products in North America. At Wilco, we recognized that beyond supplying them with quality imaging products, our customers needed help setting up tailored imaging applications to fit their exact needs. The market was in dire need of customs solutions experts to meet the growing demand. Wilco quickly answered to this call and built a formidable team of industry experts whose core focus is on customer satisfaction and delivering custom solutions that customers require.

Our Mission

At Wilco Imaging we believe that there are amazing advancements in physics about to happen. It is our mission to help companies push boundaries to achieve breakthrough innovation. We do this through customizing imaging components, designing exceptional products, and delivering the very best in imaging technology.

Our Expertise

Focusing on military, medical, robotics, and manufacturing imaging related systems our team comes well equipped with the very best in imaging products. Having the ability to design, prototype, and manufacture products on-site, Wilco Imaging delivers to keep your project on track.We have established and dedicated relationships with our manufacturers and partners that allow us to stay current on availabilities and delays. We have excellent support service; we will treat your company as if it were ours. And we offer a wide range of customization services, which include but are not limited to:

  • » Sensor Glass Removal, Sensor & Filter Cleaning
  • » Installation and Alignment, Cable Customization, Custom Product Branding
  • » Custom Camera Enclosures, Contract Manufacturing,
  • » Designing Development, Prototyping, C/CS Mount Removal
  • » Opto-Mechanical Ruggedization, Optical Testing, Opto Alignment,
  • » PCBa soldering, rework, inspection, Connector Installation
  • » Mil-Spec, Assembly Testing, Custom Components

Lore+ Technology

In March of 2021 we began a new partnership with Lore+ Technology. Lore Technology is a minority veteran-owned small business with representatives offering over 35 years of expertise in the vision and electronics industry. Wilco and Lore+ Technology had partnered together for numerous projects in the past, so this coalescence was a natural progression. As a result, we now have a larger support staff, more vendor relationships, and a wider line of available product. We are very excited to see where our growth and innovation takes us from here!