VS Technology

VS Technology manufactures high quality lenses for machine vision applications. Manufactured in Japan, VS Technology ensures high quality product supply. VST has been developing over 100 models and custom products every year based on optimal solutions tailored for their customers. The VST brand of lenses can be used in a wide range of applications from inspections, alignment, character recognition and much more.

Information about VS technology’s lighting line can be found here.

Fixed Local Lenses

VS-085 Series

The VS Technology VS-085 series lenses are fixed focal length lenses with F/0.85 for high speed cameras. High-speed cameras can best utilize the VS-085 series due to its F number of 0.85. Sensors up to 4/3" are supported, with C and M42 mounts. An internally constructed floating system of lens elements allows the lens to produce a low distortion, high contrast image at any magnification.

VS-25085/C 25mm 170 0.85 C 4/3"
VS-25085/M42 25mm 170 0.85 M42 4/3”
VS-50085/C 50mm 240 0.85 C 4/3”
VS-50085/M42 50mm 240 0.85 M42 4/3”

VS-H/3CMOS Series

The VS Technology VS-H/3CMOS Megapixel lenses are designed for multi sensor 3 CMOS cameras. These lenses support 1/1.8" format sensors up to 3.2MP and 3.45um. These lenses are available in 3 focal length options: 8mm, 12mm and 25mm

VS-0818H/3CMOS 8mm F1.8
VS-1218H/3CMOS 12mm F1.8
VS-2518H/3CMOS 25mm F1.8

VS-H1-SWIR Series

The VS Technology VS-H1-SWIR series features Megapixel SWIR Lenses, designed for 1" NIR/SWIR format sensors. These lenses support high transmittance from 700nm - 2000nm. These lenses are available in 6-50mm fixed focal lengths.

VS-0618H1-SWIR 6mm, F1.8-16 1”
8mm, F1.4-16 1”
VS-1214H1-SWIR 12mm, F1.4-16 1”
VS-1614H1N-SWIR 16mm, F1.4-16 1”
VS-2514H1-SWIR 25mm, F1.4-16 1”
VS-3514H1-SWIR 35mm, F1.4-16 1”
VS-5018H1-SWIR 50mm, F1.4-16 1”


The VS Technology VS-FT12HV is a 1.1" Wide Angle Fixed Focal Length Lens. This lens features built-in liquid focusing and is optimized for 12MP. The VS-FT12HV has 3.45μm resolution, large angle of view with 1.1" sensor, and is able to adjust focus from 150mm to infinity.

VS-HV Series

The VS Technology VS-HV Series supports 12MP resolution for 1.1" sensors. These fixed focal length lenses offer 3.45μm resolution. The VS-HV series includes 3 models: 8, 12, 16mm. These C-Mount lenses feature versatile design for use in a wide range of applications.

VS-0828HV: 8mm F2.8~16, 1.1"
: 12mm F2.0~16, 1.1"
: 16mm, F2.0 ~ 16, 1.1"

VS-VM Series

The VS Technology VS-VM series are high contrast megapixel fixed focal length lenses. This series is designed to deliver the best image possible with a fixed focal length lens, while keeping the lens compact. The VS-VM series provides excellent resolution and high contrast, making it the best choice for any machine vision application using a camera, with up to a 1/1.8" sensor. Series includes 7 models available in 6 - 50mm focal lengths. The VS-VM lenses feature compact and vibration resistant design.

VS-0620VM: 6mm F2 100~∞ 48.4x61.9 C-Mount 1/1.8"
: 8mm F1.8 100~∞ 37.2x48.2 C-Mount 1/1.8"
: 12mm F1.8 100~∞ 25x32.6 C-Mount 1/1.8"
: 16mm F1.8 100~∞ 18.8x24.6 C-Mount 1/1.8"
: 25mm F1.8 250~∞ 12.1x15.9 C-Mount 1/1.8"
: 35mm F1.8 250~∞ 11.7x13.8 C-Mount 2/3"
: 50mm F2.6 400~∞ 8.1x9.6 C-Mount 2/3"


The VS Technology VS-H-IRC Series lenses are fixed focal length lenses designed for use with 2/3” format sensors up to 8 megapixels. The VS-H-IRC Lenses have visible and infrared capabilities, and feature chromatic aberration correction for uses that need to switch from visible to infrared detection.

VS-H1620-IRC: 16mm F2.0~F16, 400-950nm, C-mount, 2/3"
VS-H2520-IRC: 25mm F2.0~F16,, 400-950nm, C-mount, 2/3"
VS-H3520-IRC: 35mm F2.0~F16,, 400-950nm, C-mount, 2/3"


The VS Technology VS-H-IRC/11 series lenses support 12MP, 1.1" sensors and offer 3.45um and 4K resolution. These lenses are IR-Corrected to minimize focus shift from visible to Near IR. The VS-H-IRC/11 series offers 3 focal length options, 12mm, 16mm and 25mm.

VS-H1218-IRC/11: 12mm F1.8~(C), 300~∞46.3x61.4, C-mount, 1.1"
: 16mm F1.8~(C), 300~∞35.6x48.3, C-mount, 1.1"
VS-H2518-IRC/11: 25mm F1.8~(C), 300~∞23.2x31.6, C-mount, 1.1"

SV-H Series

The VS Technology SV-H Series megapixel fixed focal length lenses. The SV-H series delivers high resolution, which makes it an excellent choice for cameras that utilize up to 2/3" sensors. Designed to suit a large range of working distances, the iris and focus are adjustable, making this series ideal for almost any application. The SV-H series offers 12 models available from 6 - 100mm focal lengths.

SV-0614H: 6mm, F1.4~16, 100~∞  60.3x69.0, C-Mount, 2/3"
SV-0814H: 8mm, F1.4~16, 100~∞  47.9x55.4, C-Mount, 2/3"
SV-1214HF: 12mm, F1.4~16, 100~∞  33.4x39.1, C-Mount, 2/3"
SV-1614HF: 16mm, F1.4~16, 100~∞  24.5x28.9, C-Mount, 2/3"
SV-2514H: 25mm, F1.4~16, 150~∞  15.0x20.0, C-Mount, 2/3"
SV-3514H: 35mm, F1.4~16, 200~∞  11.6x13.7, C-Mount, 2/3"
SV-5014H: 50mm, F1.4~16, 300~∞  8.1x9.6, C-Mount, 2/3"
SV-7525H: 75mm, F2.5~(C), 1200~∞, 8.6x8.6, C-Mount, 1"
SV-10028H: 100mm, F2.5~(C), 2000~∞, 6.6x6.6, C-Mount, 1"              

Compact Models
SV-0914H: 9mm, 1.4~(C), 100~∞  43.4x51.0, C-Mount, 2/3" 
SV-1214H: 12mm, 1.4~16, 100~∞  32.4x37.9, C- Mount, 2/3”
SV-1614H: 16mm, 1.4~16, 100~∞  24.8x29.2, C
SV-5026H: 50mm, 2.6~(C), 500~∞  8.1x9.6, C-Mount, 2/3"

SV-V Series

The VS Technology SV-V Series lenses are standard fixed focal length lenses. The SV-V series offers adjustable iris and focus, making the wide variety of lenses a practical match for standard factory automation applications. The SV-V series lenses support 1/2" - 1" sensors. There are 11 models available in 3.5 - 100mm focal lengths.

SV-03514V: 3.5mm F1.4~(C), 200~∞, 77.8x105.9, C-Mount, 1/2"
SV-04514V: 4.5mm F1.4~(C), 200~∞, 59.7x79.9, C-Mount, 1/2"
SV-0614V: 6mm F1.4~(C), 200~∞, 43.4x56.6, C-Mount, 1/2"
SV-0813V: 8mm F1.3~(C), 200~∞, 49.0x57.2, C-Mount, 2/3"
SV-1214V: 12mm F1.4~(C), 300~∞, 21.9x29.1, C-Mount, 1/2"
SV-1614V: 16mm F1.4~(C), 400~∞, 24.6x28.9, C-Mount, 2/3"
SV-2514V: 25mm F1.4~(C), 500~∞, 16.1x19.0, C-Mount, 1"
SV-3518V: 35mm F1.8~(C), 300~∞, 11.7x13.8, C-Mount, 2/3"
SV-5018V: 50mm F1.8~(C), 1000~∞, 8.5x10.0, C-Mount, 2/3"
SV-7527V: 75mm F2.7~(C), 1000~∞, 3.6x4.7, C-Mount, 1/2"
SV-10035V: 100mm F3.5~(C), 1000~∞, 2.9x3.8, C-Mount, 1/2"

Macro Lenses

VS-LDA Series

The VS Technology VS-LDA series lenses are distortionless macro lenses. The VS-LDA series lenses generate a low distortion image by using a large number of lens shifts. The lens design allows for the support of a wide range of magnification, WD, and DOF. These lenses offer support for 1/2" - 2/3" sensors. The VS-LDA series includes 10 models with focal length 4 - 75mm.

VS-LDA4: 4mm (∞) 0.01x - 0.04x, F2.1, 1/2"
: 6.5mm (∞) 0.01x - 0.06x, F2.3, 1/2"
: 10mm (∞) 0.03x - 0.10x, F2.3 - 2.4 1/2"
: 15mm (∞) 0.03x - 0.15x, F2.1 - 2.2, 2/3"
: 20mm 0.04x - 0.22x, F2.1 - 2.3, 2/3"
: 25mm 0.05x - 0.25x, 2.1 - 2.6, 2/3"
: 30mm 0.08x - 0.23x, 2.4 - 2.8, 2/3"
: 35mm 0.3x - 0.5x, 2.5 - 2.9, 2/3"
: 50mm 0.1x - 0.25x, 2.7 - 3.1, 2/3"
: 75mm 0.15x - 0.35x, 4.1 - 4.5, 2/3"

VS-LDV Series

The VS Technology VS-LDV Series lenses support 12MP 1.1”/4K Resolution sensors. The VS-LDV series lenses are distortionless macro lenses. The series includes 4 models with focal lengths 25, 35, 50, and 75mm.

VS-LDV25: 25mm, F3.5 ~ 16, Mag 0.05x ~0.21x, 1.1"
: 35mm, F3.5~16, Mag 0.07x ~0.22x, 1.1"
: 50mm, F3.5 ~ 22, Mag 0.1x ~0.36x, 1.1"
: 75mm, F4.0 ~ 22, Mag 0.14x ~ 0.4x, 1.1"


The VS Technology VS-LLD Series lenses are 4/3” High Resolution Distortionless Macro Lenses. The VS-LLD series delivers high resolution performance at any magnification. These lenses are ideal for any application using a large sensor format that needs a distortionless image. The VS-LLD Series includes 9 models with focal lengths 10 - 50mm.

VS-LLD10: 10mm, Mag (∞) 0.05x- 0.15x, F2.9-3.1, 4/3"
: 12.5mm, Mag (∞) 0.05x- 0.2x, F2.5-2.7, 4/3"
: 15mm, Mag (∞) 0.05x- 0.2x, F2.1-2.3, 4/3"
: 18mm, Mag (∞) 0.05x- 0.25x, F2.1-2.3, 4/3"
: 20mm, Mag (∞) 0.05x- 0.25x, F2.1-2.3, 4/3"
: 25mm, Mag (∞) 0.05x- 0.3x, F2.1-2.5, 4/3"
: 30mm, Mag (∞) 0.05x- 0.3x, F2.2-2.7, 4/3"
: 35mm, Mag (∞) 0.05x- 0.3x, F2.2-3.0, 4/3"
: 50mm, Mag(∞) 0.05x- 0.3x, F2.2-3.2, 4/3"

VS-MCA Series

The VS Technology VS-MCA Series lenses are vibration resistant distortionless macro lenses. The VS-MCA series is designed to stay in focus regardless of vibration or shock. The VS-MCA lenses deliver a high quality image, and maintain it via a fixed iris and a screw lock mechanism. Focal lengths available from 4-75mm.

VS-MCA4: 4mm, Mag(∞) 0.01x - 0.04x, 1/2”
VS-MCA6.5: 6.5mm, Mag(∞) 0.01x - 0.06x, 1/2”
VS-MCA10: 10mm, Mag(∞) 0.02x - 0.15x, 1/2”
VS-MCA15: 15mm, Mag(∞) 0.03x - 0.3x, 2/3”
VS-MCA20: 20mm, Mag0.04x - 0.4x, 2/3”
VS-MCA25: 25mm, Mag0.05x - 0.5x, 2/3”
VS-MCA30: 30mm, Mag0.06x - 0.45x, 2/3”
VS-MCA35: 35mm, Mag 0.26x - 0.65x, 2/3”
VS-MCA50: 50mm, Mag0.08x - 0.48x, 2/3”
VS-MCA75: 75mm, Mag 0.14x - 0.62x, 2/3”

VS-MCH1 Series

The VS Technology VS-MCH1 series high resolution ruggedized lens for 1" format sensors feature a changeable iris plate system from f no 1.4/5.6/8. The lenses feature a torque body for easy mounting control and threaded iris plate system to lock the iris in place and avoid dust generation from vibration. The VS-MCH1 series offers 6 focal length options - 8-50mm.

VS-MC08H1: 8mm, F1.4/5.6/8, C-Mount, 1”
VS-MC12H1: 12mm, F1.4/5.6/8, C-Mount, 1”
VS-MC16H1: 16mm, F1.4/5.6/8, C-Mount, 1”
VS-MC25H1: 25mm, F1.4/5.6/8, C-Mount, 1”
VS-MC35H1: 35mm, F1.4/5.6/8, C-Mount, 1”
VS-MC50H1: 50mm, F1.8/5.6/8, C-Mount, 1”

Telecentric Lenses

VS-LQL Series

The VS Technology VS-LQL Series Telecentric lenses feature Optotune liquid focus tunability for fast-focusing. Focus adjustable within working distance range. The VS-LQL series offers a variety of focal lengths and are available in straight and coaxial arrangements

VS-TCH2-65-LQL1: 1.9x-2.0x, F12.9-13.7, 2/3"
VS-TCH2-65CO-LQL1: 1.9x-2.0x, F12.9-13.7, 2/3"
: 3.7x-4.0x, F16.6-17.9, 2/3"
: 3.7x-4.0x, F16.6-17.9, 2/3"
: 0.9x - 1.0x, F9.3 - 10.3, 1"
: 0.9x - 1.0x, F9.3 - 10.3, 1"
: 1.8x - 2.0x, F9.0 - 10.1, 1"
: 1.8x - 2.0x, F9.0 - 10.1, 1"
: 10.0x, F23.2-21.4, 2/3"

VS-TCT Series

The VS Technology VS-TCT Series are super high resolution telecentric lenses. The VS-TCT series lineup consists of VS Technology’s highest resolution telecentric lenses. Both normal and coaxial lighting ready models are available. 2/3" sensor support 1.67µm resolution, and the lenses offer 0.5x - 1.0x Magnification and C-Mount threading.

VS-TCT05-65/S: 0.5x, F4.5, 2/3"
VS-TCT05-65CO/S: 0.5x, F4.5, 2/3"
VS-TCT08-65/S: 0.8x,F4.5, 2/3"
VS-TCT08-65CO/S: 0.8x, F4.5, 2/3"
VS-TCT1-65/S: 1x, F4.5, 2/3"
VS-TCT1-65CO/S: 1x, F4.5, 2/3"

VS-TEV Series

The VS Technology VS-TEV series lenses are 1.1" Variable Magnification Telecentric Lenses. The VS-TEV series delivers a clear high quality image with large 1.1” format sensor support and 3.45μm pixel resolution. Three variable magnification ranges of 0.3x - 0.5x, 0.5x - 0.75x, 0.75x - 1x. The VS-TEV series lenses feature adjustable DOF and High Telecentricity with C-Mount threading.

VS-TEV0305: Mag 0.3x - 0.5x, F4.3 - 6.2, 1.1"
: Mag 0.5x-0.75x, F5.0-6.8, 1.1"
: Mag 0.75x-1.0x, F6.8-8.5, 1.1"


The VS Technology VS-TLS series lenses are reconfigurable telecentric lenses that provide 12MP resolution for sensors up to 1.1" The VS-TLS series includes 6 Models with a range of 0.029x~0.1x Magnification, which can be changed by changing the rear unit. These lenses were designed to be distortionless and have C-Mount threading.

(Rear Unit/Front Unit)
/ VS-TLS200 Mag 0.10, 1.1"
/ VS-TLS200 Mag 0.062, 2/3"
/ VS-TLS200 Mag 0.05, 1/1.8"
/VS-TLS300 Mag 0.067, 1.1", Available around Sep, 2020
/VS-TLS300 Mag 0.04, 2/3", Available around Sep, 2020
/VS-TLS300 Mag0.029, 1/2"

VS-THV 1.1 Series

The VS Technology VS-THV Series lenses are optimized for 12MP, 1.1" 3.45um Cameras. Magnification options include 0.5x/0.8x/1.0x/1.5x/2.0x/3.0x, and models with built-in coaxial illumination are available. The VS-THV 1.1 series lenses are designed with manual iris control to adjust depth of field (DOF) and C-Mount threading

VS-THV05-80/S: Mag 0.5x, F7.5, 1.1"
: 0.8x, F7.5, 1.1"
: 1.0x, F7.5, 1.1"
: 1.5×, F7.5, 1.1"
: 2.0x, F7.5, 1.1"
: 3.0×, F10.0, 1.1"
: 0.5x, F7.5, 1.1"
: 0.8x, F7.5, 1.1"
: 1.0x, F7.5, 1.1"
: 2.0x, F29.2, 1.1"

All models also available with coaxial arrangement.