Moritex Lens Series

Established in 1973, and based out of Japan, Moritex develops and sells a diverse range of lenses and illumination for image processing applications, which include Telecentric Lenses, Bi-Telecentric Lenses, FA lenses, coaxial illumination, ring LED lighting, and bar lighting.

Bi-Telecentric Lenses MTL Series

The Moritex Bi-telecentric lens series features a high resolution design compatible with 3.5 μm/pixel and 5 μm/pixel sensors. These lenses were designed to offer leading performance, while each bi-telecentric lens comes with its own actual MTF measurements.

Telecentric Lens Series

The Moritex Telecentric lens series includes models within the SOD-X series and MML series. The MML series includes a wide array of high-end compact, fixed mag Telecentric lenses, with some as high as 5 megapixel resolution. While the SOD-X series includes high magnification machine micro lenses.

These lenses eliminate optical distortion and provide high contrast for optimal imagery and clear distinctions within monochrome images.

FA Lens Series

The Moritex FA lens series feature megapixel macro lenses, macro zoom lenses, Line Scan lenses, and CCTV lenses.