Camera Sensor Services

Cover glass removal, sensor cleaning, and custom installation. We provide a wide range of camera sensor services. For a walk through on our sensor glass removal process, download our flier below.

Download Sensor Glass Removal Flier

Sensor Glass Removal

Whether you have an existing camera, or need to source a new unit from us to modify, we can handle your cover glass removal needs. We offer the sensor glass removal service and have worked on a wide range of industrial camera brands and a variety of differnent CCD and CMOS sensors from all manufacturers such as: Sony, FillFactory, Kodak, Toshiba, Aptina, and others. Contact us and we'll help you with your application.

Sensor & Filter Cleaning

Since uncovered sensors can become exposed to debris or particle contaminants, we offer sensor glass cleaning and filter cleaning to get the camera sensor back to like-new conditions. This process takes place in a laminar flow hood for sterility and goes through quality testing before and after completion.

Custom Filter Installation

We have installed and aligned custom filters and masks down to an accuracy of 1 micron. We can install various different windows, glass substrates, and customer specified filters to any camera. This process takes place in a laminar flow hood for sterility and involves quality testing prior to installation and testing again after installation.