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CBC's Computar lenses have long been synonymous with cutting-edge optical technology and innovation. Among their extensive product lineup, the machine vision lenses and telecentric lenses stand out for their specialized applications in industrial settings, particularly in areas requiring high precision and accuracy, such as factory automation, image processing, and intricate inspection tasks. This detailed exploration delves into the technological advancements and unique features of these lenses, highlighting their applications and the science that makes them exceptional.

Machine Vision Lenses

1/2" & 2/3” 1.5MP Series (MP2 Series)

The MP2 Series is designed with an unwavering focus on the needs of factory automation and image processing. Featuring low distortion and high contrast, these lenses are engineered to provide clear, sharp images across the entire field of view, making them ideal for precision tasks. The compact design, complemented by locking set screws for focus and iris, ensures stable performance even in demanding industrial environments.

Technological Highlights: The integration of low-noise, high-quality optics tailored for sensors up to 1.5 megapixels facilitates detailed image capture, critical in quality control and automated inspection systems.

2/3” Format Ultra Low Distortion Series (MPW2 & MPW2-R Series)

The MPW2 Series and its ruggedized counterpart, the MPW2-R Series, are exemplary of Computar's commitment to versatility and durability. Supporting 5.0 megapixel resolution, these lenses minimize distortion to deliver superior image quality. The MPW2-R Series elevates this with vibration resistance and enhanced durability, essential for applications in harsh industrial conditions.

Innovation in Focus: These series exemplify advances in material science and optical design, ensuring lenses not only capture images with ultra-low distortion but also withstand the rigors of industrial use.

Telecentric Lenses

M-Series Telecentric MP Lenses (TEC-MP)

The TEC-MP models, compatible with 2MP sensors on 2/3" cameras, offer a range of magnification options, from 0.5x to 6.0x, tailored for precise measurement tasks. Available in 65mm or 110mm working distances, these lenses are designed to maintain image accuracy across the entire field of view, a critical requirement for applications in metrology and detailed component inspection.

Optical Precision: The telecentric design ensures that images are free from perspective distortion, making these lenses invaluable for applications where dimensional accuracy is paramount.

Coaxial Telecentric Lenses (TEC-MPC)

The TEC-MPC series introduces coaxial illumination to the telecentric design, enhancing performance in high-precision measurement and inspection tasks. These lenses are compatible with 2MP sensors and come in a variety of magnification options, ensuring versatility across a wide range of industrial applications.

Technological Advancements: The incorporation of coaxial lighting in a telecentric lens enhances image clarity and contrast, particularly beneficial in inspecting reflective or transparent objects.

TEC-V Series Telecentric Lenses

Designed for 5MP sensors on 1" cameras, the TEC-V Series offers magnification options for both 65mm and 110mm working distances. This series is crafted to meet the needs of high-resolution imaging in industrial environments, with variable iris models providing additional control over depth of field and lighting.

Innovation at Work: The TEC-V Series stands out for its ability to deliver high-resolution, distortion-free images, crucial for detailed analysis and quality control in various industrial sectors.

Industrial Megapixel Lenses

FIC-MP and FC-MP Series

The FIC-MP and FC-MP series represent a leap in lens technology for industrial applications, offering 5 Megapixel resolution for 2/3" format sensors. These lenses are designed with a focus on minimizing distortion and maximizing image clarity, crucial for detailed inspection tasks in factory settings.

The FIC-MP series features manual iris control, allowing for precise adjustment in varying lighting conditions, while the FC-MP series comes with DC Auto-iris functionality, catering to applications requiring constant adjustments to light changes.

Technological Excellence: Both series underscore Computar’s mastery over lens design, balancing high resolution with low distortion. The inclusion of IR correction in select models enhances versatility, making these lenses ideal for environments where IR lighting is used to illuminate scenes beyond visible spectrum capabilities.

Applications Across Industries

These lenses find their place in a wide array of industrial applications, from manufacturing lines inspecting automotive parts to electronics assembly where the smallest defect can lead to significant operational disruptions. Their ability to deliver crisp, clear images makes them indispensable in quality control processes, where precision is non-negotiable.

Board Level Lenses

H-KP, E-KV, KRW, and E-KRY Series

Board level lenses by Computar, including the H-KP, E-KV, KRW, and E-KRY series, offer compact, high-resolution solutions for embedded imaging applications. These lenses are designed to fit mini domes and bullet camera housings, providing flexibility in installation and use.

With resolutions ranging from 2MP to over 8MP, and features like IR correction and stereo graphic projection, these lenses cater to a broad spectrum of imaging needs, from security surveillance to intricate machine vision tasks.

Innovative Design: The H-KP and E-KV series lenses boast compact designs and M12 S Mounts, ensuring ease of integration into various camera housings. The KRW series introduces 4K IR capabilities with stereo graphic projection, enhancing imaging performance in low light conditions.

Meanwhile, the E-KRY series lenses offer fisheye capabilities with high resolutions and day/night IR corrective features, opening new perspectives in imaging with their wide-angle views.

Enhancing Embedded Vision Systems

These board level lenses are essential components in the development of sophisticated embedded vision systems. Whether in security cameras requiring wide-angle views with minimal distortion or in industrial equipment where precise imaging is critical, Computar’s board level lenses ensure superior image quality in compact, versatile form factors.

Conclusion: Pushing the Boundaries of Optical Engineering

The exploration of CBC's Computar lenses across the Industrial Megapixel and Board Level categories highlights the brand's unwavering dedication to innovation in optical engineering. From the high-resolution capabilities and low distortion of the FIC-MP and FC-MP series to the compact, versatile design of the board level lenses, Computar is setting industry standards in imaging performance.

These lenses not only fulfill the current demands of industrial imaging applications but also anticipate future needs, ensuring that industries can continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in automation, inspection, and process control. Through continuous research and development, Computar remains at the forefront of optical technology, offering solutions that transform complex imaging challenges into opportunities for advancement and growth.

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