Video Post: Cable Solutions

in Wilco Imaging Blog

At Wilco, a Lore+ Technology Company, we strive to stay on the pulse of all the rapid advancements in technology and robotics. It is our mission to help companies push boundaries to achieve breakthrough innovation while adapting to industry trends and the growing demand for vision in automation and machinery. We do this by continually staying up to speed and educated on the most current technologies and market trends. We have established and dedicated relationships with our manufacturers and partners that allow us to stay current on availability and delays. We have excellent support service; we will treat your company as if it were ours. And we offer a wide range of customization services including cable modifications. In the video below, engineer, Ezeqiel Morales, discusses our custom cable services.

We work on a variety of custom cabling requirements, including modification, design, and build. These custom cables include but are not limited to custom connectors, marine sealed cables, and GPIO custom-length connectors. So please take a moment with Ezequiel below and let us know if you have a similar need we could help with!


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