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Wilco Imaging offers a variety of customization and specialized services to fit unique application requirements that fit our client’s varied and precise needs. Since 2003 we have been customizing imaging components, designing exceptional products, and delivering the best in imaging technology.  We wanted to take a moment to expand on these services and outline a few of the unique project solutions we have provided to various companies in the past. Our services are not limited to these listed below, so if you have questions or a need not mentioned here, please contact us directly.



Hoist Camera Build: Aviation Industry


In this application, our engineer built a custom pressurized enclosure that fit specific dimensions to fit the camera’s dimensions as well as the helicopter’s small available space. We designed and built this complete ruggedize system including custom cables for the system as well.  Are you needing a custom enclosure for your application, or custom cables? Are you looking for assistance in ruggedizing your vision system? If so, ask how we can help!


Temperature Detection & Security



With this customization we addressed our client’s need for a camera system in an offshore oil rig. Our engineer created a fiber cable design and an explosion-proof enclosure design and built the unit in-house. He then programmed the unit, designed the PCB board, and did extensive testing and quality control checks before delivering the final product.


Turnkey System



We have worked on many projects involving needed camera modifications that result in turnkey systems. One common project involves adjusting cameras used in defect inspections. For instance, we can address overheating problems by adding heatsinks. We also build custom enclosures if the connector location needs to be moved. We make these modifications in-house, then proceed with quality control testing, package the units, apply custom labeling and packing if applicable, and ship back to the customer.


Defect Inspection


In defect inspection applications, users often have existing cameras or camera boards they use for imaging. When such a system fails to meet basic standards by failing the user-set minimum image quality requirements, we step in to test for cause of failure in order to engineer a solution. In high quality image inspection, it is often necessary to install a nanotextured window or coated window for superior captured images.


Filter Installation

We do a variety of filter alterations and installations such as installing anti-reflective windows on cameras in order to eliminate reflections and shadows that cause issues in images. Also, as our previous blog mentioned in depth, we commonly provide the service of sensor glass removal. For complete information on that, and the download of our brochure, please see that blog post here.

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