Wilco and Lore Technology have recently merged to offer a larger support team, a wider range of products, and sales technicians with over 20 years of industry experience! At Wilco by Lore Technology, we offer a variety of customization and specialized services to fit unique application requirements to suit our clients varied and precise needs. Since 2003 we have been helping companies push boundaries to achieve breakthrough innovation. We do this through customizing imaging components, designing exceptional products, and delivering the very best in imaging technology.

Our comprehensive services are listed below, please contact us for more information, pricing, or general inquiries.

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Sensor Glass Removal

We have removed the sensor glass from thousands of CCD and CMOS sensors from all manufacturers such as: Sony, FillFactory, Kodak, Toshiba, Aptina, and others. Contact us and we'll help you with your application.

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Sensor & Filter Cleaning

We can clean sensors and filters (with and without lenslets or microlenses) to within 100% of factory new condition.

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Filter Installation

Installation and alignment of custom filters and masks down to an accuracy of 1 micron.

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Turnkey Systems

Opto Mechanical Assemblies

Optics customization including: C/CS Mount Removal, opto mechanical ruggedization, filter installation, optical testing, alignment, focusing

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We offer extensive PCB customization through hole soldering, custom layout, testing & inspection, conformal coatings, and rework.

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Opto Electrical Assemblies

Customize & manufacturing electrical components around cameras and lenses. Services include: connector installation, mil-spec, testing, and custom components.

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Design & Development


CAD modeling and development of ideas through a unique process that leads to new products.

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3D printing or CNC machining technology, our preliminary models bring your ideas to life!

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Contract Manufacturing

Small batch manufacturing 5 to 500 unit runs of custom imaging systems and components. We provide high-quality hand-built systems conforming to rigorous standards and demands both from customers and the environments that the systems operate.

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